Remixing the Same? Bastard Pop at the Museum El Chopo, Mexico City

El crítico y teórico de los medios Eduardo Navas publicó en el Huffington Post una reseña sobre el encuentro Bastard Pop. Reciclaje cultural, en el que estuvo invitado como conferencista magistral. En el encuentro, lleom participó con la mesa «Reciclaje y literatura».

Remix culture has been the subject of conferences and cultural events around the world for some time now. The term was introduced during the early/mid 1990s, and was popularized in large part due to the writings of Lawrence Lessig and the activities of Creative Commons, a non-profit organization that promotes the open sharing of knowledge and creativity. Recently I was able to participate in Bastard Pop: Cultural Recycling, a four day conference which took place at The Museum El Chopo in Mexico City, from September fifth to the eighth. The gathering included a series of presentations by scholars, researchers, artists along with DJs and experimental musicians. There is a video archive of all events, which are only in Spanish.

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